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Welcome to Halls Hammered Coins dealers in British Hammered coinage from Celtic through to Stuart (300BC-1662AD). With over 15 years experience in the field we aim to bring you fantastic coins to enhance your collection. We are also a proud member of the British Numismatic Trade Association.

We are constantly on the look out for additional stock so will gladly make offers on anything from a single coin to a complete collection of Hammered Coins.

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We are constantly adding new stock so check back when you can. Stock Last Added 26th October 2017

26th October 2017 Additions include - 27 New Coins - Just added the last of the additions which include, Some nice Groats including a Heavy coinage type of Edward IV and a very rare Cross and Pellts type of Henry VI, A lovely Saxon penny of Offa, a Norman Penny of Henry I, some nice pennies of Edward I and II including rarer types and mints. A very nice Henry III short cross penny, some Celtic Bronze coins and more...

08th October 2017 Additions include - 11 New Coins - Today's new listings include 4 Celtic Silver Coins, a hammered gold quarter noble, a Henry IV Halfpenny, A stunning Carlisle Mint short cross penny of Richard I, and a few Tudor coins.

28th September 2017 Additions include - 6 New Coins - Today's new listings include 4 Norman coins of Stephen, a very rare Norman Penny of Henry I Type 12 and a James I Penny.

28th September 2017 Additions include - 7 New Coins - Today's new listings include 3 x Saxon pennies of Aethelred II, a Scottish penny of Alexander III, A iron age silver unit of Cunobolin, a Henry II short cross penny and a Sovereign penny of Henry VIII.

22nd September 2017 Additions include - 19 New Coins - A good selection this week including a very rare Offa Penny, 4 Celtic Gold Quarter Staters, several Voided long cross of Henry III, a very rare hammered gold Halfcrown of Henry VIII, don't see many of these from the posthumous period. A choice Henry VI Groat, A large Charles I Irish Crown "Ormonde Money". A Charles I Oxford Penny, a nice Paxs cut halfpenny of Edward The Confessor, a couple of others...

06th September 2017 Additions include - 9 New Coins - A stunning Aethelred II Crux Penny, a very nice Celtic Gold Stater and some others Henry VIII, Charles I, Henry III Voided Long Cross, John, James I, Celtic Silver Unit, Richard III.

22nd August 2017 Additions include - 4 New Coins - Today's listings include a Very Rare Saxon coin, a Eadgar Reform Penny, a couple of Norman Pennies, William I & Henry I and a celtic Bronze Unit of Cunobelin. Should have more to list by the weekend so keep checking for updates...

28th August 2017 Additions include - 22 New Coins - This week's new listings include several Celtic coins with Gold, Silver and Bronze examples. Some very nice Groats of Henry VIII & Mary, some Saxon and Norman Coins, a lovely Short Cross of John from Ipswich mint. A Rare Scottish coin Alexander II Cut Halfpenny, a nice Saxon Sceatta and some others...

I'm currently working on some new additions for the website and should have them listed by the weekend. If you have an interest in history as I do and would like to learn more, I'd recommend downloading The History of England podcast. I've been listening for a few years now and it is a great way to improve your knowledge of our great history. You can either click on the link below or on the links page to go to their website or it can be found on Itunes for download. It is free to download and all the back episodes are available to download on Itunes. It is free to download and all the back episodes are available, I usually listen in my car.


10th August 2017 Additions include - 19 New Coins - Today's listings include Several Norman coins of William I, William II, Stephen, also several Celtic coins including some very rare silver minims. A lower grade Richard III Groat and Harold II Cut Halfpenny. Plus a few others...

22nd July 2017 Additions include - 12 New Coins - Today's listings include some nice Celtic Coins, 3 Silver Minims and a Gold Quarter Stater. A Chester Mint Penny of Edward I, a couple of Elizabeth I coins, a nice short cross penny, a Scottish Groat of Robert II plus others.

8th July 2017 Additions include - 8 New Coins - Today's listings include a nice Richard III Groat, a lovely 1st Issue Type II Penny of Alexander III, a Henry IV Halfpenny, A very rare Celtic Silver Unit Catuvellauni Dias Squares Type, A stunning Class 1c Penny of Edward I and a couple of Short Cross including a York Mint.

25th June 2017 Additions include - 19 New Coins - Today's listings include a very rare Richard III Halfpenny, A Rare Henry VI Halfgroat Leaf-Trefoil Issue ex Reigate hoard, a couple of Saxon pennies, a Scottish Half-Merk of James VI, another Scottish coin of Alexander III. A nice high grade Tudor Threepence of Elizabeth I, a few Groats Edward IV, Henry V, a few coins of Edward I including a very rare 1a/1c Mule also some nice Halfpennies. Plus others...

10th June 2017 Additions include - 23 New Coins - Some very nice big tickets items this week. 3 Roman Gold coins, Aureus of Claudius and Nero, a Solidus of Theodosius I also some other nice Roman including a choice Silver Denarius of Hadrian, a Vespasion Denarius with heads of both sons. A nice As of the infamous emporer Caligula, very rare. Also some Norman and Saxon coins, a lovely William II Penny and a very nice Athelstan penny, some Sceats more pennies of Harold I & Aethelred II. Some rare Celtic Silver coins, a couple of Groats, Henry VIII and Edward IV. A rare Henry IV penny and some others

Nero Gold Aureus (HHC4247)

Claudius Gold Aureus (HHC4240)

3rd June 2017 Additions include - 8 New Coins - A rare Edward III Calais Mint Groat, a Alexander III Halfpenny, a stunning Edward the Confessor Trefoil Penny of Dover Mint, A nice Cnut pointed Helmet Penny, A lustrous Maltravers Farthing of Charles I, ex.rare in this condition. A Hiberno-Norse Penny a nice early Viking coin from Ireland. A Saxon Sceatta Kent Class and a Celtic Bronze Unit.

Halls Hammered Coins Guarantee that All coins sold are genuine with a full refund if found otherwise.